About Leslie

I am a Midlife Transition Guide, which means I empower people navigating major life changes to rediscover their sense of purpose and inner wisdom through compassionate support and mindful practices.

A Little Intro to My Background

As someone who has undergone my own midlife transitions, I understand the complexity of emotions that can arise when life drastically changes – excitement, fear, grief, confusion, and more. There were times I felt lost in the fog, grasping for direction.

I longed for gentle care, spiritual wisdom, and community – a hand saying “You will find your way”. In those lonely times, I learned the power of being truly seen, heard, and understood without judgment. I now aim to pay that gift forward.

With 30+ years cultivating timeless spiritual principles, I aim to provide new lenses to make sense of transition chaos and uncover the possibilities within it. There are always greater truths to be found if we know where to look.

My Why

My calling is that people experience being seen, heard, and supported. I aim to stand with those in the midst of transition fog and provide that gift of unconditional acceptance. With empathy and insight, I meet people where they are while illuminating untapped possibilities ahead. 

Having walked this path, I can help guide others to grow beyond what they can see for themselves. My motivation stems from understanding the quiet yearning to be truly understood when standing at a crossroads. I seek to provide the wise, caring support I once needed so dearly. My aim is that no one feels alone on their journey.

Mindset Approach

The core shift I facilitate is recognizing that our perspective shapes our reality. When we gently examine instinctive thought patterns, we create space for mindful responses that align with our higher purpose.

Timeless spiritual principles offer renewed lenses to replace old narratives with higher truths. Practical tools help integrate these elevated mindsets into real life. Together, they allow us to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Whom I Serve

I specialize in serving those in the midst of any midlife transition – career change, empty nesting, retirement, divorce, loss of a loved one, and more. I provide resources, tools and community so people can rediscover themselves and rewrite their stories with self-love, meaning, and peace.

Let me know if any other changes would better capture your vision and passion for guiding those in midlife transition. I’m happy to refine this further based on your feedback.